To Cage

Photographs by Dominic Davies

Essay by Michael Mack

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“Weird, wonderful , beautiful and unsettling.” Creative Review.

“Davies’ photographs have the effect of emphasizing the isolation of the cages and the fundamental fact of human domination, control and consumption of the lower orders of the animal kingdom.” Michael Mack.

“Dominic Davies’ photographs expose the oddity of the city-zoo.” I-D Magazine.

to cage

Dominic Davies’ series of photographs alludes to such inherent inconsistencies in modern zoology. His images utilize an unsettling visual device which approximates to a form of selective myopia. He has photographed zoos around the world through a lens, which seems to have tunnel vision or the limited sight of an unsophisticated animal. The cages appear through a swirling vortex of blurred light, seen with destabilized eyes in a manner quite contrary to the precise perspective, which the geometrical optics of the camera mechanically presents. They recall the paintings of Turner in the 1840s in which the luminescence of the sun was represented in bold swirls of abstract colour.

Exert from essay by Michael Mack “To Roam Free”

Published by KRUSE

96 pages 50 Colour plates 320mm x 287mm

ISBN 10:3934923135