Dominic Davies is a photographer who works primarily but not exclusively in the controlled environment of the studio. Experimental and collaborative in approach he brings a precise and crafted vision to all his projects, driven by the fascination with exploring and realizing ideas photographically. His work has been commissioned by clients across the fields of design, music, publishing, museums and advertising.

His work has been exhibited in Europe, USA and Japan and his book ‘To Cage’ a study of the European zoo environments was published by Kruse Verlag.

Clients include: Absolut, AnOther Magazine, Aspesi, Bloomsbury, 4AD, Grey Goose, Haagen Dazs, Guinness, Nike, Lee Cooper, Smirnoff, The Victoria & Albert Museum, The Fat Duck, The Gourmand, XL Records.


+44 (0) 7946 352 104