Synaesthetic Family Portraits

The project emerged from conversations with Gustatory/Auditory Synaesthete James Wannerton. James had been the inspiration for previous projects and his particular form of Synaesthesia means he gets an involuntary taste association from what he hears or reads.

Once you have an understanding of James condition its hard not to ask what ‘you’ or at least your name elicits. He revealed that I tasted of ‘carrot cake with a slight essence of plastic’, My wife Floury is unsalted butter, my son Milo tastes of finger nails. These apparently random objects became the subjects of my first Synaesthetic Family Portrait composed around the tongue. The arrival of our daughter Inez (the icing on a cupcake) shortly after made me return to the project. The setting for the second portrait was inspired by images of ‘Anechoic Chambers’,a space where sound is isolated and precisely measured.

Featured in The Gourmand