The Sunday Specials . The Gourmand/ Nowness

‘The Sunday Specials’ is the latest in an on going series collaborating with the Gustatory Synaesthete James Wannerton,( basically James tastes what he sees or hears ). Working with his rare form of Syneasthesia provided Stylist Andrew Stellitano and I with the audio and visual references which for him evoke the flavors of a classic Sunday dinners.The five images in the series reflect James’s taste associations for a Round of Drinks , Roast Pork, Roast Chicken , Roast Beef and Roast Lamb. This project was featured in issue no.3 of The Gourmand and appeared on ‘Nowness’

Roast Pork. Pork – Sound of bubble wrap. Stuffing – Sound of a steam train . Crackling (roasted skin of the pork) – Sound of a typewriter .Apple sauce – Sound of 1970’s phone . Morris Marina car – Mustard.

Round of Drinks. Guinness – JFK . Lemonade – Aluminum Tennis Racquet . Ginger Ale – Stonehenge. Coke – Chalk cliffs. Bloody Mary – Slow moving runny lava with bits in it ( trees, dirt, glass, debris). Apple Juice– Old Fashioned Razor Blades.

Roast Beef. Beef – Sound of a leather saddle / or creak of a Tree . Yorkshire puddings – Church organ – Horseradish sauce –1960’s Police bell .Boiled green beans – A school blazer.

Roast Lamb. Lamb – Euston railway station .Mint sauce – Winston Churchill .Boiled carrots – Harrods /Sound of a Balloon popping . Green beans – A school blazer.

Roast Chicken. Chicken – Sound of an old film projector. Bread sauce – Sound of a bubble gum card in a bicycle wheel. Pigs in Blankets – Euwan McGregor. Roast potatoes – Sound of helicopter blades.